Average Total Time per Call - Not quite understand?

Average Total Time per Call - Not quite understand?


I don't quite understand the "Average Total Time per Call" field in the call list view. In my call graph activity result, the "Total Time" value for a function is 1159111, while the "Average Total Time per Call" value is 0.16268 and "Calls" value is 7125. I don't understand the relation between these 3 fields. Can anybody give me some tips?



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Average Total Time per Call = "Total Time" / Calls" / 1000

In order to view description of any field right-click on the relevant column title and select "What's this column".

In order to see description of "ratios" (something, that is not measured directly, but calculated from another data), choose from the main menu:


Categories -> "Call Graph"

Select required ratio and press "Edit Ratio..."


in the same place for rations(see kdmitry's answer) you migh want to define your own ratio.
"self time" - "self wait time"
this will show you "active" time netto. Then you can sort your table by this column.

IMPORTANT: to see newly defined ratio, you must first close the call graph view and then open a new one.


kdmitry and Daniel,

Thanks for your replies.


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