Can I merge results from different projects?

Can I merge results from different projects?


Considering that I have 2 VTune projects: Project_1 and Project_2, which are targeted for 2 different VC++ projects, respectively. (The 2 VC++ projects have not much difference in source codes, whose performance difference is what I want to compare via VTune.) What I want to know is:

Is it possible to merge the call graph results of this 2 VTune projects? If possible, is this meaningful, for they differ in source and debug information?

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In "Tunning Browser" select group of activiy results to be merged, press "Activity"->"Merge Results" in the main menu.

Open one activity results and drag-and-drop other one into the open view.

Configure columns in the views:
Right-click on any column title, select "Column Layout"

Move columns:
Drag-and-drop column' title.

Filter and sort:
1. First 2 columns are automatically used as primary and secondary sorting keys.
2. For more sorting and filtering options use "Edit" menu.

Export to Excel:


Can I select parts of the result from a certain view (for example, the call list view) and export them to Excel files?


Yes, of course. Simply select required nodes, press File->Extract and choose "Selection" radio button.

Sorry, I ment "select required rows" and not "nodes".


I'm afraid that in the call graph view you can "export" only the "Functio table". Unfortunately you'll be not able to "export" to "CSV" format by (File->export) the "call list table".

The only workaround for exporting the "call list table" i can suggest you is to select rows with the mouse, "Ctr-C" and "Ctrl-V" inside Excel sheet.

You've raised very good poin, and VTune engineers seems have to take this into account and fix this in future versions.


kdmitry and Daniel,

Thank you! Suggestions of both of you provide just the right functions that I need.



see my post


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