A lot of "ntoskrnl.exe", "win32k.sys", "hal.dll", etc. in the results?

A lot of "ntoskrnl.exe", "win32k.sys", "hal.dll", etc. in the results?


I got a lot of items, such as "ntoskrnl.exe", "win32k.sys", "hal.dll" in the sampling results. They have the same module name, but have different result (clockticks, instruction retired and CPI). Then if choose one process in the sampling view and drill-down to module view once again, there seems to display only those modules for the chosen process. Does this mean that the default module displayed immediately after the sampling activity stops includes all the modules, and modules with the same name but called by different processes are regarded as different modules, thus produces different results for modules with the same name in this module view?



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