Why to uncheck the "Seperate types" option in VC++ project settings?

Why to uncheck the "Seperate types" option in VC++ project settings?


I am reading the help manual. In the page: "VTune Performance Analyzer" -> "Before you Begin Analyzing" -> "Generating Symbol and Line Number Information" -> "Microsoft* Visual Studio* Compilers", it says to create a program database (pdb) file, one has to uncheck the "Seperate types" option in "Debug" category of "Link" tab of "Project settings" dialog.

I looked up in MSDN, and found no explanation about the option "Seperate types". Can someone tell me something about this option? I also want know how will this option affect the behavior of VTune.

Thanks a lot!


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From the MSDN:
"Use /PDBTYPE:SEPT[YPES] to tell the linker to leave the debug type information distributed in the source (compiler) .PDB files. In the Project Settings dialog box, select Separate Types in the Debug category of the Link tab to specify this linker option.

The disadvantage is more files are needed for the debugger to find the debug information when debugging.

Use this option when you plan to debug privately. Do not use this option when the debug build is to be used by multiple users."

VTune sometimes will not be able to show you function names and find your "C" (or whatever language you are using) files when "Separate Types" option was used.


Thank you very much! This information is very helpful.


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