Can VTune analyze specific lines of codes?

Can VTune analyze specific lines of codes?


In addition to function and module profiling, can VTune analyze the performance of lines of codes? For example, If I have in my project a source file called foo.cpp, can I use VTune to analyze line 25-85 of this file?

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when using sampling collection you get the samples associated with the source lines. more samples you have - more statistically correct they are located on the appropriate lines.

in call graph VTune reports results of the collection per function. in addition, you can see the data associated with places where from the function call was made ("so called call sited") You can select only the modules and functions that you are interested in (very recommended!)
you can do it from advance configuration dialog for the call graph collector.

if you are asking about the call graph collection on the "basic-block" level - the answer is that currently not.

if you are asking for some kind off "code-coverage" collection - like how many time a certain line was executed, then again, currently not.

Does it answer your question?


Thank you very much. Your information is of great help to me. I just read the VTune 6.0 Tutorial, which says that number of clockticks can be displayed for seleted lines of codes in the Source Pane. I guess this can satisfy some of my needs. Don't you think so? I am not so sure about it.


indeed in source view you can select a range of source code lines (or disasseble) and get the summary for all of them.
Is that what you need?

Yes. That's what I need.

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