to get hotsports in mcpcom

to get hotsports in mcpcom


We have been using vtune version 6.1/7-beta to carry out compile time analysis of applications. In this we remotely execute script which internally calls make. In the resultant output we target mcpcom and get function hotspots within this.

But when using vtl 1.0 for Linux when I execute the following

$>vtl activity mcpcomActivity -c sampling -o "-sample-buffer-size 5000" -app make -moi /opt/intel/compiler70/ia32/bin/mcpcom run
$> vtl view -processes OR
$> vtl view -modules

I dont see mcpcom but get to see /usr/bin/make. Is there a technique to drill down further into make to get information on mcpcom.


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Great question hegdehp.

In general, if you don't get a result for an object or binary in a sampling session output, that means that it's highly probably that it wasn't running during that sampling session.

All other things being equal, you might try turning calibration off and experimenting with a variety of sample after values, see if you can catch that elusive puppy in action.

For grins, does a call graph of make show that mcpcom is being called? (Either way, the answer to this question would be VERY interesting...)



I was able to generate mcpcom information and hotspots while compiling other files.

$ vtl view a1::r1 -hotspot-address -mn mcpcom
I am able to get all the hotspot information I need.

But in getting call graph information when I execute the following:
$ vtl activity mcpcomActivity -c callgraph -app make -moi mcpcom run

the process didn't exit. I had to kill the term explicitly. Also now I get the following message.

"The project is already open and cannot be used. Another VTune Performance Environment session has opened it"

any pointers? ..


try to
# killall -9 vtl.bin
may be this will improve your situation :-(


...I suggest you open a premier case on this as soon as is convenient for you (our support dudes gobble problems like this up for breakfast!)




Based on the experiments conducted at my end: These are my results.

*cal = calibration
hotsport indicates mcpcom information
calibration is not done by using option -cal no

1. No cal :No duration : hotspot available
2. Cal allowed:No duration : hotspot available
3. Cal allowed:0 sec duration : VTL doesnt allow
4. No cal :0 sec duration : hot spot available
5. No cal :100 sec duration : hot spot available
6 Cal allowed:100 sec duration : no hotspot available


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