Most used features

Most used features

I'm interested in hearing from users about what you like to use in VTune for Linux as well as what you find difficult to use. And while you're at it, tell me what you never use. Thanks, Mary

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a.) What I would like to see is cutting down the number of columns that are on display when we do

$vtl view ai::ri -hotspot-address -mn

b.) It should be used extensively as a performance monitoring tool.
$ vtl query -c sampling

On executing this we get to see all the events that we can calculate. There should be a more detailed document mentioning what all events can be clubbed together so that we can reduce the number of runs of vtl and get the maximum possible numbers.

I have spent a lot of my time investigating these events and their usage.

To reduce columns in vtl view ai::ri -hotspot-address -mn
This is an understandable inconvenience but the vtl output is best seen by redirecting the output to a file and by writing some scripts to extract the columns of interest. The windows version of vtl (not available in sampling viewer command-line for Linux) also provides switch "-show-events-as" which helps reduce number of event columns. It also lets you specify a column delimiter so that you can import this data into excel etc. for better viewing.

Hope this helps,

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