details of "VTUNEDEMO.exe" application required...

details of "VTUNEDEMO.exe" application required...

VTune installation directory contains a "ExamplesVTuneDemo" sub directory which contain VTuneDemo application. I want to analyze this application with VTune. To do so I need details of that application. Can any body tell me where can I get those details..?

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Prasad, ExamplesVTuneDemo dir includes also source files. Real "open source"! :-)
Please tell us, what additional details do you need?

Hello dbricker,
I want to know
-what does this VTuneDemo application do
-what are the performance bottlenecks it have
-any demo application might be having some demonistration objectives or goals. So I want to know what are the demonistration objectives/goals on which the VTuneDemo has been prepared...?

VTuneDemo application demonstrates VTune ability to find bottleneck using all available in VTune profiling methods.

The application contains 4 routines:
test_if - simple matrix operations that use global variable
test_if1 - the same as test_if, but use of local variable instead of global
test_memset - demonstrates, that manually written memset has performance problems, so it better to use memset from "C" runtime library
divd_rout - floating point division - bottleneck of the application

Those routines are run hundreds of times with independent time measurement. Timing results are displayed in the output window.

Hello kdmitry,
Thanks a lot for the information. I will try VTuneDemo sample.

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