want to try gzip.exe application used in "getting started tutorial"

want to try gzip.exe application used in "getting started tutorial"

I have gone through the "getting started tutorial" and understood basics for working with VTune Performance Analyser. A sample application gzip.exe has been used for demonostrating various features. I want to try the same sample. I have copied "gzip-1.2.4.msdos.exe" from gnu web site. While trying this application I am getting the following error message "the specified can not be run because its file is corrupted or has an unrecognizable format". Can any body tell me what could be the problem and how to try this application...?

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Have you run this application without VTune? Did it run?
Did you build it? Did you use some compilation flags that produce symbol information?

Hello dbricker,
It is working fine from the windows command prompt (means without VTune).
I dont have source code hence I did get a chance to compile it for getting symbol information.

Can u tell me where can I get source code...?

i want it either :-(


src can be found at:

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