Noa able to do time based sampling only

Noa able to do time based sampling only


I am trying to do time based sampling only. And when invoke tvune with

vtl activity tpcc -d 0 -c sampling

It complains with the following message.

Currently, the Activity is set to have a duration of zero, which indicates that
it has no duration and can only be stopped manually. The duration for the Activ
ity must be greater than zero in order to use the Sampling data collector with i
ts current configuration. In order to use a duration of zero, either switch to
Time-based sampling (if available) or change the configuration for Event-based s
ampling such that it only requires one run.

Is there an option (didn't see in the documentation) to do "time based sampling" only.


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your problem is in -d 0 (duration = 0 sec)
this has a special meaning and needs additional settings (e.g. you should remove the callibration).
see more information in my replay to the question:

Re: Using VTune to count (rather than sample)
Message Posted: Nov 17, 2002 4:20 AM

(same forum list)


thanks for your help in answering these questions, dbricker! :-)

Thanks. It worked :-) However I noticed in the output of
vtl query -sampling the following.

"TBS is not supported on this system"

Is there a reason for this ? Is it possible to make it
enabled on Linux.


may I ask you why do you need TBS? Any specific case when event based collection is not suitable to you needs?

do you have an experience with using TBS mode in VTune on Windows?

I am very curious to know when it is preferable?

Personally I use TBS only on the boxes with AMD CPUs.

It is my understanding that time-based Sampling is not supported with the VTune analyzer on Linux. Certain aspects of the user interface and documentation may seem to indicate that it is supported on certain processors, but this is not the case.

As Jeff stated in another post, the VTune analyzer is not tested or validated on any AMD processors.

Finally, just so that readers of this post are not confused, it is "vtl query -c sampling", not "vtl query -sampling".

Aaron Levinson

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