Why do I get unable to access /dev/vtune_d error?

Why do I get unable to access /dev/vtune_d error?

What does this mean?

nht6011-72> vtl activity -d 20 -c sampling -app mcpcom,-p,--bool,-mP1OPT_version=800,timing.cpp
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[ERROR] unable to access /dev/vtune_d (error = -1)

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Did you get through this ? If so can you please share me the fix ?


Looks like incorrect syntax for passing parameters. See my responce to your question:
"problem with exe controller?"

Does it solve the problem with
access /dev/vtune_d?

before you start fixing the parametrs syntax, looks like you are not a member of "vtune" group.

the problem may be that the "user" have not enough permissions.

to run vtl smoothly "user" has to be the member of "vtune" group.
("vtune" is the default name for the group. another name can be chosen during the installation).

to check this run
> groups

you'll get the list of the groups the "user" belongs to.
if "vtune" is not listed - this may be the problem.

try to add the "user" to the group "vtune". there are several ways to do this. one (if root password is available) is to edit the /etc/group file.

after joining to the vtune group a user should login again. check that "vtune" appears in the list of groups:

and then run VTune again.

by the way, one of the indication of missing permission (as a result of not being "vtune" group member)
you should get the error message like:
The global data directory specified by your environment:
is not writable. Please correct this problem and try again.

Does it help?


Check the group ownership and file permissions on /dev/vtune* :

ls -ld /dev/vtune*

The file permissions on /dev/vtune* should be "rw-rw-r".
The user who runs vtl should be a member of the group that owns the /dev/vtune* devices (can check by running "groups" command).

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