Not able start vtune on AS 2.1

Not able start vtune on AS 2.1

When I tried to execute the vtune from the command line I get this error. Can some please tell me if I had done
something wrong.

VTune Performance Analyzer 1.0 for Linux*
Copyright (C) 2000-2003 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.

[ERROR] unable to access /dev/vtune_d (error = -1)
Can't initialize collector properties


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Hi Vadi. Have you submitted a support request at ? They should be able to help you with this issue.

No. This is just a beta version. I didn't get access to
the primier support site.

the problem may be that the "user" have not enough permissions.

to run vtl smoothly "user" has to be the member of "vtune" group.
("vtune" is the default name for the group. another name can be chosen during the installation).

to check this run
> groups

you'll get the list of the groups the "user" belongs to.
if "vtune" is not listed - this may be the problem.

try to add the "user" to the group "vtune". there are several ways to do this. one (if root password is available) is to edit the /etc/group file.

after joining to the vtune group a user should login again. check that "vtune" appears in the list of groups:

and then run VTune again.

Does it help?


Thanks for your reply. Problem was that for some reason
'analyzer driver' was not installed as part of the original installation. I had to manually build the driver and install it. Doc is in


OK, I see...

Did you also rebuild the kernel, or building the driver was enough?

I just built the driver. All though it said in the instruction to rebuild the kernel, I didn't do it and looks like it was not required. Intel is very poor in documentation. It is very hard to find things that are related.


agree with what you are saying regarding the documentation...

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