New Call Graph Ratios?

New Call Graph Ratios?

Did you know that you could edit and/or add new ratios for Call Graph just like you can Event Ratios for Sampling?

Simply use the Configure Ratios to edit or add new ratios. The new ratios will be available to choose from for future Sampling collection and will be presented in all the views

Have any of you tried this yet?

Has this been useful to you?

Your Host,


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When adding new Ratios in a callgraph (since VTune 9.1vX X = 3,7,8) I had to replace some spaces from the predefined events by underscores.

Is there any definitive list on correct spelling?

For example in total wait time I had to add underscores, for self time / self wait time it appears to be different.....


Hi Mark,

This is quite a good idea for user-defined ratios in Call Graph. I like them.

For example, "self wait time / self time" indicates how often that functionwas suspended byother threads, "self time / call count" indicates function'sself-spending timeper each call.

Your valuable inputs could be new featurerequest. Thank you.

Usually I inspectCall Graph resultas below steps, for your references:
1. Find top-functions in bigger self-time (hot functions)
2.Find function in top-functions, which has minimal call count. (self time is bigger for each call, have opportunity to optimize it)
3.Find function in top-functions, which hasbig call count(check if callers are reasonable?Reuse previous results?)
4.Find functions in biggerself wait time. (Investigate why it needs to wait longer? Use Intel? Thread Profiler to investigate in depth)

Thanks, Peter

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