how do I get the beta?

how do I get the beta?

How do I get the beta software?

I followed the directions linked to at, but when I get to the "File Downloads" section of Intel Premier Support, all I see is
one 600K windows .exe file: W_VT_P_6.1_0011_pa001.4.exe, which claimes to be patch..

What did I do wrong? How can I get the linux beta software?
Intel mailed me the license key, so I'm just looking for the download...

BTW, how do I get the kernel module srcs, if they are not included in the default download? I'd like to port them to an unsupported kernel.

Thanks for your help,


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Hey Drew,

That executable you see is for the VTune 6.1 GUI, a patch that lets you view Linux pack and go files on the Windows workstation, and that's (W_VT_P_6.1_0011_pa001.4.exe).

I just checked premier, and it looks like we have a technical problem here! I only see one file as well, which is wrong.

Once that's corrected, I'll let you know here.

All better, about 11:15 PDT on Friday 1/17. You should see it now. In fact, the software will be available for download from now through most of February.

You'll see it as (vt_cli_1.0.005.tar).

Sorry for the trouble!



Hey Drew,

As you may already know, the beta test program for this software ended on February 28, 2003. Your license will have timed out then as well.

Just writing you this short note to make sure you knew the URL for either purchasing or downloading an eval copy of the released software:



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