callgraph problem - unable to find libraries

callgraph problem - unable to find libraries


I have an application with a large number of libraries (some of which have interdependencies), many of which are found via adding an -rpath to the executable while linking.

When I try to use the callgraph collector on this application, I get a number of messages along the lines of:

Error in module - Module was not found or is not a PE image.

Then the data collection stops.

I have no special LD_LIBRARY_PATH set, and running 'ldd appname' works fine (it finds all the required libraries).

I am using redhat 7.1, build 139 of vtune, and am running kernel version 2.4.18-3smp. The application has been built using gcc 2.96 (for c code) and KCC 4.0f (for c++ and to link).

Any ideas to get this working would be appreciated!


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would you please send me a small "hello world" c++ test app compiled debug with kcc, and the src? please tar the src and binary so it can get past our email server virus checker.


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