Quick Poll: Are you using Red Hat 7.1?

Quick Poll: Are you using Red Hat 7.1?

Hey there hi there ho there forum members,

Intel marketing is curious, and so am I -->

Are you currently using Red Hat 7.1?

---- If so, which kernel(s) and do you intend to upgrade anytime soon?

---- If not, are you using another Red Hat version instead? Advanced Server 2.1? RH 8.0???

Chime in, team: we're all ears!



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Redhat 7.3 (with "borrowed" components from 8.0)

What are your upgrade plans, if any? RH 8.0? AS 2.1?


Hey kk --> Good question.

We intend to support both, we're just trying to decide the order in which we'll do so. For now, looks like AS 2.1 will be supported quite soon, and 8.0 later.

(You're understanding the reason for this poll perfectly: if there aren't many 7.1 users out there, we can get to 8.0 sooner...)



I'll probably wait until 8.x, for some x > 1, before I upgrade.


Sounds like you've been burned before?



I use RH7.3 and SuSE 8.1 as linux systems.

We're using RH 7.2 with kernels from our hardware
provider on HPC clusters.

If we're going to upgrade, it will be >= RH 8.1

I'm using RH8.0, so I haven't gotten a look at vtune yet. What's the expected time line for that distro?

Great question, logger.

The fact is we're deciding that right now. Once we have the schedule nailed down and official, I'll post it here.



We have a linux graphics lab which doubles as a cluster. We've just upgraded to RH8.0 from RH7.3. Under 7.3 I used ifc 6 and icc 6 for compiling MPICH.

I've been using ifc 7.0 on RH8.0 on my personal desktop for my Fortran 95 molecular dynamics code. Although I dont think RH8.0 is officially supported yet for ifc 7 it seems to work well for me, and a recent build seemed to have fixed the problem using the debugger. ifc 7 gave a significant performance boost (around 20-30%) over ifc 6 for my application.

There are features in RH8.0 which are a real win for me (antialiased fonts in particular). I'm hoping to compile MPICH on RH8.0 with the 7.0 compilers with the f90 stuff enabled rsn.

So my vote is for support for RH8.0 (with 8.1 supposedly RSN) for the vtune and the compilers ...

We use SuSE 8.1 (and obviously are not currently using VTune, but will as soon as it's available for SuSE).


Hey normclerman,

You won't have too much longer to wait. The next release of VTune CLI, called version 1.1 right now, will support SuSE 8.0, 8.1, and SLES 8.0.

Stay tuned: as soon as it's downloadable, we'll be trumpeting fanfares to let you know here. (Timeframe: very late March, very early April.)




Please note that the recently released VTune Performance Analyzer 7.0 already supports SuSE distros including SuSE Linux 8.0 and 8.1 with the help of its remote agents for Linux.

As Jeff noted earlier, we are in the process of releasing the native Linux support for SuSE distros in our 1.1 release for the VTune analyzer for Linux product coming soon.

Kumar Kandaswamy


In our buildings RH 7.1 is the only version officially supported by IT. That means that 100s of engineers are working with RH7.1


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