Ideas for Future Versions of the VTune(TM) Analyzer

Ideas for Future Versions of the VTune(TM) Analyzer

We are always looking for feedback on features to be added to the VTune Analyzer. Please respond to this post with any ideas you have. Anything from new major features, to tweaking existing capabilities to extending existing functionality is fair game.

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If I do multiple runs of an activity, I need to manually associate modules for each run. It will be nice to have module association tie to the activity and each run can inherit from activity and customize it if needed.

I agree that remembering file associations would be a good idea, but I thought this already happens. When the VTune Analyzer asks to do a file association, there is a checkbox at the bottom of the dialog box that asks if you want the association directory to be part of the VTune analyzer's search list. What version of the VTune analyzer are you using?

I downloaded about a month ago. It should be 6.1. I basically manually sample for 120 seconds for a few times. And for each run, I need to manually associate code and pdb files.

Paulina could you explain your usage model more clearly? VTune should automatically associate the binaries and symbols.

In current version, each run of activity cannot fully use the performance counters and causes many unnecessary runs. It will save users's time, if future VTune can dynamic schedule the performance counters and fully use them.

Another is the issue of user interface(UI). I cannot copy the events' number in VTune UI and have to manually type them. It will be more convenience, if we can copy the events' number from UI.

Thanks for the feedback. You are correct. VTune could actually collect more events in one run if it used a more intelligent scheduling alogrithm. I will add both of these requests to our proposed new feature list for VTune.

My wish: Select a code block and have vtune optimize
the instruction sequence for the platform.

This kind of existed with Vtune 4.x but disappeared in 6.

Even with 9 pass of events, I was not able to get helpful info from the 'tunning assistant'.

Thats my #1 wish :)


Hi VTune gurus

As an average end-user of VTune (9.0 update 3) integrated within Visual Studio 2005, I face a small trouble with the location of the (large) sampling data which is by default located within the VTune subfolder of the VS2005 project. My source files and project settings are 'small' files that I keep on a fail-safe RAID1 hard drive synchronized accross distinct machines, and I do not like to pollute these master source dirs with large amount of volatile data I usually locate onto a separate RAID0 un-protected drive. I tried to assign the VTUNE_PROJECTS_DIR environment variable, but it gets ignored within the VS2005 environment, and I didn't find any way to redirect the sampling data somewhere else.

The suggestion is that it should be 'cheap' to check for the existing env variable and if it exists to take its value as an override to the default VS2005 poroject location.

Thanks for making this great utility available. Regards

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