Kernels supported by the linux remote data collectors

Kernels supported by the linux remote data collectors

Does anyone know which kernels on IA-32 I can use the remote data collector with?

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Good question, Birju.

You can get an up-to-date list of the Linux kernels that are supported "out of the box" by the VTune Linux Remote Agents by reading the Release Notes for the VTune analyzer v6.1. (These Remote Agents are also sometimes called the Linux Remote Data Collectors, or RDCs, as you may already know.)


To get the Release Notes, download and unzip the software on a Windows PC: you can read them without having to begin an install. For download instructions, see "Where can I download a copy of the VTune analyzer 6.1 software?" at the top level of this forum.

Having said that, to answer your question I'm including the list of currently supported kernels below (November 2002). As you can see, it's a pretty comprehensive list.

GENERAL NOTE: if you're reading this post and it's no longer November, please be sure to download the software for the latest list! (It may be the same, it may not.)

TECH NOTE: for the Linux Remote Agents to install, there must be an exact match, all digits, between the kernel that is installed on your server, and a kernel in the supported list. If there is not an exact match, don't even try installing. If you aren't sure what kernel your server is running, be sure to ask your system administrator for installation help. And, if you are the administrator and you're not sure how to find out what kernel is currently booted up on your server, use the following command:

# uname -a


Linux kernels for uniprocessor and multiprocessor IA-32 systems:

2.4.2-2 (the default kernel for Red Hat* 7.1)
2.4.7-10 (the default kernel for Red Hat* 7.2)
2.4.7-*GB (SuSE* Server 7)
2.4.9-e.3 (the default kernel for Red Hat* AS 2.1)
2.4.10-*GB (SuSE* 7.3)
2.4.18-3 (Red Hat* 7.3)
2.4.18-*GB (SuSE* 8.0)

Linux kernels for uniprocessor and multiprocessor Itanium-based systems:

2.4.9-18 (Red Hat 7.2)


Are there any plans to support Redhat 8.0?

Kernels for rh80 are supported in VTune Linux RDCs 7.0. Welcome to use it.
~ Alexey

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