Welcome to this forum

Welcome to this forum

Welcome to the Intel VTune Enterprise Analyzer forum. This forum was created to discuss the VTune Enterprise Analyzer products for .NET and J2EE.

I'm hoping that users of VTune Enterprise will trade tips and techniques on usage of this software. Contributors to this forum from Intel will include the VTune engineering team, the VTune consulting team and the folks that provide training on the product.

If you don't see what you are looking for on this forum, please post a request and we'll do what we can to gather the info requested.

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i have this performance analyser 9.0 on my machine .it worked on 32 bit machine..

but after loging to remote machine (server optron ) which is 64 bit.what happens here is that after running the project by attaching the exe it does not show anything no activity at all.

and saysproblem witharchitecture...

Please review the list of supported processors in the Release Notes and here.

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