vtune 2013 hanging on windows 7 when hardware events used

vtune 2013 hanging on windows 7 when hardware events used

Just intalled the latest vtune 2013.  I have a windows 7 os running on an hp z210 computer (i7 processor).  whenever i attempt to run a profile, the program being profiled completes fine, but then vtune hangs.  I noticed a note about disabling acpi Cn report to os, but my bios does not have any setting like that.  normal hotspot collection works, lightweight, hangs as stated.

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You can check sep driver status:
1. Open a cmd as administrator
2. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\VTune Amplifier XE 2013\bin32
3. amplxe-sepreg -s
You may uninstall / reinstall the driver by using
amplxe-sepreg -u
amplxe-sepreg -i

Try "amplxe-cl -collect lightweight-hotspots -duration 5" to know if it works

assuming i open a msdos window in administrator mode, yes i believe all the above work:

Executing actions 50 % Generating a report

Elapsed Time: 5.996
Executing actions 100 % done

however, the gui still locks up after the profiled program completes but before any profiling data is displayed. Also, there is no way to kill the vtune gui program, even using the task manager, the only thing i can do is reboot the machine. using task manager, i see amplxe-runss.exe still running (and which can't be killed).

It sounds good that command line can work. I don't know why amplxe-runss still running after data collecting. You might uninstall/reinstall the product then try again.

Is there similar issue from other users?

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