No data for spawned threads in hotspots mode

No data for spawned threads in hotspots mode

I have a multithreaded application where the main thread does some work then spawns a bunch of worker threads which then do all the useful work while the main thread waits.

I can use concurrency view to get some useful data for all the threads, but when I try and use hotspots view I only get data for the main thread.  If I use __itt_thread_ignore() to ignore the first thread (or use pause/resume so I only same while my worker threads are active) then no data appears at all (see screen shot).  I have tried reducing the CPU sampling interval to 1ms.

Anyone have any ideas?


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Apologies for multiple posts. I kept getting error messages saying post had failed.

What version do you use? If it's not the latest one, it worth upgrading to Intel(R) VTune(TM) Amplifier XE 2013. Also, is it possible to provide us your application to reproduce the behavior?

I am running XE 2011. (build 176374) I am downloading 2013 now and installing.

I cannot post the app as is. But I should be able to make a cut-down version that demonstrates this issue.

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