VTune Amplifier XE 2011 fails writing sampling result on linux based embedded environment

VTune Amplifier XE 2011 fails writing sampling result on linux based embedded environment

I have a licensed copy of XE 2011 VTune amplifier. I would like to install the CLI part of VTune to the target embedded environment running Oracle Enterprise 64-bit Linux for x86. To test the installation I issue the following command: "amplxe-cl -collect hotspots -r /tmp/vtune.du du /opt". I can see the du command is launched and completed correctly. However, it hangs while writing the sampling results. I am attaching the strace dump and the result files for your analysis. I would appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance,

-Arup Biswas

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My comments are:

1. It seemed there was zero result. Was it possible that "du" application ran shortly and spawn to other child processes? Thus, collector terminated in short time since target application terminated but other child process(es) was still running. If it is the case, my opinion is to write "du /opt" in a script, to avoid this.
2. If "du" application communicates with your service application, my opinion is to "lightweight-hotspots" instead (with "-analyze-system" option). So collector will collect data for all active processes, including service application your "du" communicates with.
3. VTune Amplifier XE 2011 has upgraded to XE 2013, with many bugs fixes. So using XE 2013 is encouraged
4. If point 2) is not ture, and you still want to use hotspots collection. (I saw exe _init() instrumentation failed in your log) the problem can be reproduced in XE 2013. Please do: a) export TPSS_COLLECTOR_DEBUG=1, collect and send vtune result to us again. 2)amplxe-feedback -create-bug-report ; send log to us to understand your environments. Thank you.

Regards, peter

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your response. To keep things managable let me address your issue# 3 first.
I installed XE 2013 (CLI on Linux and the complete package on Windows 7). Please note that
I always install VTune on our 64 bit Oracle Linux desktop environmnet (NOT the target embedded environment) first and do the initial VTune
runs. It is also worth noting that XE 2011 was working on the Linux desktop in the launch application mode for
hotspots and locksandwaits sampling modes. However, after installing XE 2013, to verify the installation I used the
simple command as before: "amplxe-cl -collect hotspots -r /xxx/vtune.du.2013 du /opt". The du command launches correctly,
the results are collected without any problem. However, when I want to open the result in XE 2013 on windows 7, I see the following error
message: "Result file .../sqlite-db is already open in another tab or by another instance of the program ..." . I would appreciate your help in resolving this issue. Please find the result files attached.
Thanks in advance,
-Arup Biswas


Downloadapplication/octet-stream vtune.du.2013.gz73.99 KB

You said, " I used the simple command as before: "amplxe-cl -collect hotspots -r /xxx/vtune.du.2013 du /opt". The du command launches correctly, the results are collected without any problem"

How about using CLI to display result, such as:
amplxe-cl -report hotspots -r /xxx/vtune.du.2013 ; empty result?

Your attached file only includes file "vtune.du.2013" which is not the result directory.
If you still can't see report, please do point 4) I mentioned, and redo it - result directory should be very useful for investigating.

Regards, Peter

OK. I have resolved the XE 2013 analyzer issue. It seems the result dircteory created by XE 2013 does not have adequate permissions. After I changed the permissions on the directory using chmod -R 777, I can see the analysis results using windows 7 XE 2013 front-end.
The next step is to try the XE 2013 CLI on the embedded Linux environment, where the collection was hanging with XE 2011 before. I will keep
you posted.


Sounds every thing is OK during data collection.

You can use CLI to display results on Windows, Linux, or embedded Linux - everywhere, just copy result directory and associated module(s) to the Host.

Thanks, Peter!

Next, my goal is to install the XE 2013 CLI to my embedded Linux environment. What is the suggested procedure here? Should I copy the installation package to the target environment and run the install script there? Or, copy the /opt/vtune* directory from the desktop Linux to
the target?

Thanks in advance,

You can copy vtune directory from Linux Host, or install vtune (excluding amplxe-gui) on the target. Both work!

I tried both methods. Here are results:

Method 1: Copying the vtune install tar ball to the embedded target:

./install.sh: line 341: /sbin/ldconfig: not found
Extracting, please wait...
./install.sh: line 388: tr: not found
Error: not enough disk space in temporary folder "/tmp."
Available: M
Required: 100M

But, I have enough disk space.
I would post the seconds method in a sequel post, as the window does not handle long posts gracefully!

Thanks in advance,

For some reason, I am not being able to post the second part. I always get this error:
The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.

Your support ID is: 8287664565310527837

Method 1) failed because there is no utilities (e.g. ldconfig) which installer required.
You can copy vtune directory to the target, then use "/opt/intel/vtune_aamplifier_xe_2013/bin64/amplxe-cl -report ..." to show results on the target. If it doesn't work (frankly I don't know why... maybe some utlities are missed on embedded, perhaps) - you have to analyze results on Linux Host or Windwos Host.

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