Does VTune 2013 support Ubuntu 12.04(64bit)?

Does VTune 2013 support Ubuntu 12.04(64bit)?

There is no problem during the installation process.

But when I take the tool to analysis the program, it says" Failed to finalize the result: the result you are opening is empty……"

The program is successful to analysis by VTune 2011 (Fedora 13 System).

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What was the version of VTune? Amplifier XE 2013, you used?
I saw release notes of Update 2, it said Ubuntu 12.04 is supported.

Have you seen some error info during installing the product?

What was the data collector you used? Can you try it in CLI? What was output ?

If you used hardware PMU event-based sampling data collector ? Are you sure that vtune drivers are installed?

Hopefully, you didn't install the Ubuntu 12.04 on VM - thus, PMU resource is invisible (only VMWare 5.0 ESX can support PMU visibility).

Regards, Peter

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your response.As you said,I ignored the error info during installing the product which led to the problem.
Now I have resolved the problem.
Thank you for your help again~

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