vtune amplifier XE 2013 reported wrong elapsed time

vtune amplifier XE 2013 reported wrong elapsed time

Hi, I am using vtune amplifier XE 2013 to profile my program. The runtime reported by my program is 214047.34 seconds.

The time reported by Amplifier is as follows:

Elapsed Time:  85076.861

CPU Time:      84286.360

CPU Usage:     1.000

Executing actions 100 % done

I checked files created at the beginning and end of the program run. The creation time is about 2.5 days apart, which is close to 214047.34s runtime reported by my program. Vtune reported time is about 1 day.

I don't have any multi-threading in my program. I was doing hotspot analysis: -collect hotspots. OS is linux Sles10. Why does vtune report a wrong elapsed time?


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Not sure if it is OS timer issue hotspots collector used. You may try lightweight-hotspots instead which uses CPU Oscillator - it will be more precious.

https://premier.intel.com is good place to investigate your issue in detail. Please submit a ticket with VTune(TM) Amplifier's results.

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