vtune can not show symbols from collection data

vtune can not show symbols from collection data

i met some problems when i use vtune to profile program performance. 

i profile hotspots on  linux and analyse on windows, but the symbols in dynamic library can not be shown.

i have gcc -g option and i am sure that dynamic library has program symbols.

my vtune cmd is "/opt/intel/vtune_amplifier_xe_2013/bin64/amplxe-cl -c hotspots -start-paused -resume-after=60000 -duration=120 "

i use 2013 update 4. and trying 2011 update 7 also can not show symbols

what can i do???

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nobody knows???

My comments are:

1. You have to use same XE 2013 version on both Windows and Linux.

2. If you added "-g" option to build dynamic libraries, please don't use static link mode to generate.

3. On linux, observe if there is warning message about your dynamic module - symbol can not be located? Try amplxe-gui on Linux first.

4. If your binary is updated, but perormance result is old - try re-finalize again, such as "amplxe-cl -finalize --search-dir all:rp=binary-dir -r result-dir"

5. You also can do point 4 on Windows, if you copied binary from Linux to Windows.

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