Hotspot Analysis works but Event-based fails

Hotspot Analysis works but Event-based fails

I can run Hotspot analysis on my project, but any event based analysis (e.g. General Exploration) fails at Finalization

However using the Tachyon sample both analyses complete successfully

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong


Intel Amplifier 2013/ Windows XP/ XEON E5450/Visual Studio 2008


Finalizing the result took 0.977 seconds.

The database has been cleared, elapsed time is 0.200 seconds.

Warning: Cannot load data file `C:\xyz\r000ge\data.0\tbs4599.tb6' (tbrw call "TBRW_open(&m_tbrwPtr, cpil2::to_wstring(file).c_str(), readOnly ? TBRW_FILE_READ : TBRW_FILE_READ | TBRW_FILE_WRITE)" failed: Sample file mapping error (34)).

Raw data has been loaded to the database, elapsed time is 0.047 seconds.

Warning: Error 0x40000026 (Database interface error) -- Cannot run data transformation `Compute CPU Usage'.



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Received Update 5 for 2013. Once this was installed the issue was resolved

Thanks for the timely turnaround!





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