Sandy Bridge Memory analysis problems

Sandy Bridge Memory analysis problems

Trying to use the analysis type "Memory access - Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge" in VTune 2013 on an application. App runs fine, and results are collected and processed but the application opens the viewpoint "Task Time". Task Time appears to be the wrong viewpoint for this analysis and thus it shows basically nothing useful. It does not allow me to switch the viewpoint to anything else either.

Any help here?


Windows 7 x64, VTune Amplifier 2013 XE Update 4 (build 270817). CPU: 3610QM (quad-core ivy bridge).

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Maybe your application's running time is less than 10ms.

Unfortunately for Ivy Bridge only two analysis types are supported: General Exploration and Bandwidth. "Memory access" analysis is not suitable, that's why you see that malformed result. I know it is confusing, as no warning is printed to inform you, we'll work on improving it.

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