Excluding blocking I/O and synchronization times

Excluding blocking I/O and synchronization times

I'm working on a realtime app. This application suspends itself using SleepEx() or WaitForSingleObject(). When I profile it with vTune, the functions that call those system calls show up as taking the most CPU time as well as retiring a lot of instructions relative things like digital signal processing functions.

Is there a way to get a view that ignores blocking calls of any kind? (i/o, synchronization primitives, etc)

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Can you profile your application with Xperf.If you are concerned with the cpu time spent while calling synchronization functions.

If you wont see SleepEx(), i/o wait, sync objects in your report, you can do one of below:

1. In report, set "Only user function" in Call Stack mode. Thus, all functions in system/kernel dlls will NOT be displayed.

2. Specify (select) your interest of module instead of "ANY" in module combo box, in report. Thus, only hot functions in this module will be displayed. 

Thanks Peter for information.

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