Release build doesn't work

Release build doesn't work

I follow the instructions on using the "release" build and adding the debug/full but all I get from VTune is a lump -- not broken out by routines (addressses which are way hard to read).  The only way I've been able to get it to work is to start with debug build and work backwards for optimizations.

What's the trick?  Linking with debug libs?  Wasting lots of time trying to get this to work.

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I guess that you may read this article.

If you work on Windows environment, just add compiler option "/Zi" and Linker option "/DEBUG" to build - it generates .gdb file(s) whatever you build on release mode and debug mode. 

I think Peter meant .pdb files, otherwise his advice looks OK..  gdb hasn't made an appearance in released Intel Windows compilers.

This doesn't mention adding the linker option /DEBUG.  That was the problem.  /Zi -- I can add but not sure if it's needed.

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