vtune floating license issue

vtune floating license issue

 I updated trial license of vtune amplifier for linux  to floating license. I succefully registered that floating license on intel website mentioning three license servers .then I received one license file.  I succesfully installed vtune on one of the linux machines which is one among three license servers i mentioned in registration .But when i am starting the actual profiling attaching it to some runnig process. It gives some error like

"valid license not found or Make sure license daemon process is running .No connection found with license server "

I copied license file in /opt/intel/licenses/ folder .

please help me in resolving this issue as this has stucked my work.

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Pls. let me know your serial number by answering to me via 'Send Author A Message' (to protect confidential data.

Thanks. Hubert

I'm having the same issue.  I'm using a floating license file as well.  I'm trying to run Vtune on a compute node, instead of the hostid for which the license file was generated.  I'm able to load the kernel module on the compute node.  Vtune come up but when I try to do analysis work I get he check license failed error stating it could not find a valid license.  I have the license file on the compute node in /opt/intel/licenses.



Hello Jay,

If the issue is still actual, please send me below info via 'Send Author A Message'  :

1) Your S/N

2) output of getmac /v command from the compute node.

Regards, Katya


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