Cannet get stack lineup

Cannet get stack lineup

Hi, new to the tool so please forgive the question!

I have installed on a target machine and run an analysis with the hopes of copying the db to my laptop and analysing on my laptop which has more RAM..

even though i point the tool to my sym drirectory and the Microsoft public symbol server most the the CPU time is still in unknown stacks and the names of the dll's) when i do a re-analyze, doe snot seem to find any syms.

When i do an analyze on the machine (which takes many hours to complete) it came up with logical functions in our code (even though i had accidently not pointed it to the sym directory !).

Must the tool do the analysis on the same machine or same processers to get a stack line up and meningful results?




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Hi Con:

Do you have the binaries available to VTune Amplifier XE on the host, as well?  If VTune Amplifier XE has access to binaries and symbols on the host, then it should be able to "re-resolve" the results.  Did you import the results *into* a project?  That's the only way to configure where to search for binaries and symbols.

Then, if you want to view annotated source code, you will need the source on your host, as well.

Hello MrAnderson :0

Thanks for the reply..

I have a path to the binaries, a path to the symbols and thirdly a path to the Microsoft public Symbol Server..

Basically i copied the entire directory from the target machine (project and all) to my laptop (which has more memory)  then setup the paths as stated above, then did a re-resolve and it shows mostly of the CPU tim in unknown frames..

What's extremely frustrating is that with for example windebug you can tell what dll's etc you are missing pdbs for but with this tool is see not way to figure that out !!!

All the Best





Hi Con:

What OS do you have on host and target?  What modules are not resolving?  The main executeable or dynamically loaded libraries?  Also, if most of the samples are in the "kernel" and you do not have the same "kernel" on the host, that could explain the Unknown's.

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