Can't attach to PID for SPEC2006

Can't attach to PID for SPEC2006

I'm trying to use vtune to get performance data for spec2006 tests on my linux box. I can run the tutorials successfully so I assume vtune is installed properly. However, when I try to run a spec2006 test the following occurs:

1. I start a spec2006 test (for example, 456.hmmer).

2. I use top to get the PID. I put this PID in the Project Properties window and hit OK.

3. I hit Start.

vtune immediately completes its run and gives me the Error tab with "Cannot display data". spec2006 keeps running, but the PID has magically changed.

I've tried this with several of the spec2006 tests, compiled with both gcc and icc, and I get the same results. Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated.

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If it is protected process you will not be able to write/read process adress space.


iliyapolak wrote:

If it is protected process you will not be able to write/read process adress space.

But I do not think that spec2006 benchmark can be protected process.

My opinion is to use command line to attach, then observe outputs (try latest Vtune Amplifier XE 2013 U11). For example -

amplxe-cl -collect basic-hotspots -duration 60 -target-pid pid

amplxe-cl -collect advanced-hotspots -duration 60 -target-pid pid

Hi Scott!

was it successful what Peter suggested?

No, but I did figure out what the problem was. The default location for storing results had insufficient space to store the results. Once I changed the location for the results (which I figured out fixing another issue) I can now successfully run the analysis.

Yes. Current directory is default to create sub-directory to store result, you can change storing dir, for example:

amplxe-cl -collect advanced-hotspots -r /tmp/r001ah -duration 60 -target-pid pid; 

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