Error 0x40000026 (Database interface error)

Error 0x40000026 (Database interface error)

I am trying to run an analysis on a process that takes about 6 minutes to complete. After the process has completed the Collection Log has "Analysis is completed successfully" but then it gives the error message:

Failed to finalize the result

Cannot finalize the result.

Error 0x40000026 (Database interface error) -- Cannot create result database `'.

What could cause this error?

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  1. What OS are you running on?  What version/release?
  2. Are you running as a regular user or admin?
  3. Where did you create the project and where are the results being stored (i.e., the path)?  Do you have write access?
  4. What analysis type are you running?
  5. Do you have write access to the path in $TEMP?  If no $TEMP, do you have write access to /tmp?
  6. What are the contents of the results directory?  What files are in the data.0 subdirectory?

I figured out what was going on: the default directory for the results didn't have enough space. Once I changed the results location, everything seems to work fine.

Thanks for the update, Scott!

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