Advanced Hotspots with Stacks results in an error

Advanced Hotspots with Stacks results in an error

We're using VTune Amplifier XE 2013 Update 10 on CentOS 6.4, kernel 3.4.40

When running an Algorithm Analysis/Advanced Hotspots with "Hotspots" selected, VTune collects and displays samples as expected.

However, when changing the "Hotspots" selection to "Hotspots, stacks and context switches", VTune appears to not collect any data. That claim is based on the amount of data stored in the analysis subdirectories.

My original post provided more detail, but it was rejected as spam. In short, it appears the VTune drivers are built and loaded, and the correct kernel config params are set and the kernel is rebuilt. The binary was built with -g and is not stripped.

Is there anything else I should verify?

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Hi, again, Joe.

So you upgraded your kernel and can successfully build the vtsspp driver now?

No. At this point, you should submit an issue at Intel® Premier Support, attaching the tar'd up results directory and the zip file generated by the command 'amplxe-feedback -create-bug-report'.  This will expedite assistance from support personnel.

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