collecting emon type counter data with VTune

collecting emon type counter data with VTune

I'm trying to collect system wide performance counter data (emon type data) with VTune.  I have had some luck with runss using the following command string:


Unforntunately if I add the -count-emon option I get an error "Event counting is incompatible with event multiplexing".  Is there another option to collect multiple counter groups with very minimal overhead (no hotspot information) in one run?  I realize if break this up into multiple collection it will work, but I was looking from a way to collect mutiple groups of counters (similar to general exploration) in one run.

Another issue a ran into is -count-emon and -count seem to do the same thing.  I was expecting -count-emon to display the data by counter with the CPU by CPU information listed horizontally.  In both cases with -count or -count-emon I find the data to be list vertically by counter and CPU number.

I'm using vtune_amplifier_xe_2013_update12 with SUSE Linux system runing on i7-4770 based system.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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It seems there is no luck to do runsa:

amplxe: Error: Event counting is currently incompatible with event multiplexing.

Same thing when using amplxe-cl:

# amplxe-cl -no-allow-multiple-runs -collect advanced-hotspots -run-pass-thru=count-emon -- /bin/ls 

amplxe: Error: Event counting is currently incompatible with event multiplexing.

ONLY using -allow-multiple-runs works (default option is -no-allow-mutiple-runs)

# amplxe-cl -allow-multiple-runs -collect advanced-hotspots -run-pass-thru=count-emon -- /bin/ls ; works

You can create a new analysis type on GUI to add/remove all events you like, then use this new analysis type instead of advanced-hotspots.

>> ONLY using -allow-multiple-runs works (default option is -no-allow-mutiple-runs)
>> # amplxe-cl -allow-multiple-runs -collect advanced-hotspots -run-pass-thru=count-emon -- /bin/ls ; works

Even there was no problem when you ran above, there is no result (samples) for using sampling "counting" mode with multiplexing. It's better use:

amplxe-cl -no-allow-multiple-runs -collect advanced-hotspots -- /bin/ls ; multiplexing with regular sampling mode 

As result, if use sampling collection in counting mode, multiplexing is not supported.

Thanks for all of you help Peter.  I was not aware of the -run-pass-thru option on amplxe-cl command. 


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