Locks and waits error message (multithreaded application)

Locks and waits error message (multithreaded application)

trying to do some collection for locksandwaits, I got this error message:

amplxe: Error: Assertion '((*desc)->l1.data.flags[tpss_ts_desc_fl_entered] == 0)' failed.[ASSERTION CONTEXT]ASSERT_TID: 33315

[tpss_ts_desc]: addr = 0x7f7c6a83bb80
cached = 1
recursive = 1
entered = 1
acquired = 0
orphan = 0
magic = 48815
link = [prev:0x7f7c6a83bac8|next:0x7f7c6a83bc48]
tid = 33315
[tpss_tsd]: addr = 0x7f7c6a706c40
mgr = 0x7f7cc0686200
link = [prev:(nil)|next:(nil)]
magic = 48815
tid = 33315
state = 3
desc = 0x7f7c6a83bb80

[CONTEXT END]. Please contact the technical support.

amplxe-cl -collect locksandwaits -follow-child --target-process MYAPPLICATION.

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no answer! 

As I told you in other thread, you'd better submit this issue onto Intel Premier for investigating.

My workaround is, launching target application with L&W analysis (avoid using attach mode, seemed that TPSS error occurred when you did detach-process)

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