Average Task or Event Time

Average Task or Event Time

I'm currently capturing one task in my program that gets called quite a bit.  During VTune analysis I'd like to see the average time that task took over a selected timeframe. 

Right now in the "Task Time viewport", I can highlight a region on the timeline and see the total task time for that highlighted section by doing a "Filter In By Selection" and that will report the total task time for that region.

Any thoughts on how I can accomplish this, or even just see the number of tasks that were run in the selected timeframe so I can calculate the average myself?

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Hi Matthew!

It is actually not available in the product because average task time doesn't make sense for hierarchical tasks. But if your tasks don't cross over time you may try to load them as frames - there is "Frame Count" metric.

BTW, are you using Task API or CSV import to get tasks? 

Hi Vitaly.  Good point about tasks crossing over, I didn't consider that.  In my specific case I'm only using tasks for one self contained piece of code on only one of my threads.

I'm using the Task API.

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