Export results to CSV

Export results to CSV

I run an analysis in Amplifier XE 2013 GUI collecting hardware event counts.

Under the Top-down Tree tab, I am able to visualize the total event counts for each selected counter as a function of either the CPU timestamp or the elapsed application runtime. I would like to be able export this time-series data, rather than just the cumulative results, to a format such as CSV for analysis through an external program.

Does such a capability exist, either directly through the GUI or through some other means such as an API, etc.? If so, how do I go about extracting this information from the analysis results?


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From command line, use:

amplxe-cl -report top-down -time-filter=<begin_time>:<end_time> -r result-dir

From GUI, select interest of time stamp begin and end, zoon-in and filter in selection. In filtered result, right-click to do "Export to CSV.." to save result to CSV file.


Thank you, this is helpful. Though not directly what I was hoping for - I'd like to be able to export the hardware event data from the bottom pane of the Top-Down Tree tab - I am able to accomplish the equivalent through the use of the command-line option.

Thanks again.

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