how to profile mpi appllication using intel vtune amplifier

how to profile mpi appllication using intel vtune amplifier

hi ,

i am using vtune amplifier for profiling the mpi-hmmr application, but it wont show any source code.even vtune failed to show source of normal mpi program,i have tried project properties of the vtune by browsing source file from system but wont worked.please tell me some proper steps to profile mpi application..

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I assume that you run MPI program on single node, please try VTune usage modes: (VTune? Amplifier XE only can profile on one node)

mpirun -n 16 amplxe-cl -r mpi_res_dir -collect advanced-hotspots -- mpi_program ; it will generate 16 result directories


amplxe-cl -collect advanced-hotspots -r mpi_res_dir -- mpirun -n 16 mpi_program; it only generate 1 result directories

If you build MPI application, such "mpiicc -g -O3 mpi_src.c -o mpi_program" - you should be able to go source view, in bottom-up report.

thanks for your replay

i am using single node with mic card 

i have tried your solutions but gives follwing result

[kiran@sdp1 gproffinal]$ mpiicc -g -O3 mpimm.c -o mpimm

[kiran@sdp1 gproffinal]$ amplxe-cl -collect hotspots -r mpir1 -- mpirun -n 4 mpimm

[kiran@sdp1 gproffinal]$ amplxe-cl -report hotspots -r mpir1/
amplxe: Using result path `/home/kiran/vtune/gprofprogram/gproffinal/mpir1'
amplxe: Executing actions 50 % Generating a report
Function  Module  CPU Time:Self  Overhead Time:Self  Spin Time:Self
--------  ------  -------------  ------------------  --------------
amplxe: Executing actions 100 % done

not shown any source code 


You have to copy your MPI program mpimm to mic card first, then ensure it can work on mic side.

Then, use "amplxe-cl -collect knc_lightweight_hotspots -r mpi_result_target -search-dir all:rp=$host-src-bin-dir -- ssh mic0 /bin/mpiexec -n  60 /root/mpimm" to profile (for example). Note prefix "knc" is necessary for mic, and user mode "hotspots" is not for MIC target. So what you did was to collect performance data on the host. 

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