Combined Locks&Waits and CPU Hotspots View

Combined Locks&Waits and CPU Hotspots View

Hello all,

is it possible to configure a combined Locks&Waits and CPU Hotspots view in VTune?

What I imagine is a view which shows the complete wall time structure of the callgraph profile data. The numbers show how long a given function resides on the stack. The colors of the bars (currently they show whether the CPU is over/undercommitted) would instead distinguish between CPU bound hotspot and Lock/Wait time. I.e.:

main | 10s | 8s CPU | 2s Locks&Waits
- bar | 8s | 7s CPU | 1s Locks&Waits
- foo | 2s | 1s CPU | 1s Locks&Waits

The advantages I see are that I don't have to switch between the two views. Furthermore, I could potentially find "hidden hotspots" which are due to a high combined count of wait and CPU time in a function.

So, is this somehow possible to configure in VTune now? If not, could this maybe integrated in future versions of the tool?


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Have you tried "Hotspots by Thread Concurrency" viewpoint?

Click on the link "Change" on the top of result to choose it. Use "Function / Call Stack" to see hotspots with CPU and Wait time metrics.

Indeed, that comes very close to it - thanks. Its only lacking the combined column though, which one could use in the Caller/Callee view to sort such that for these contrived results:

	function | cpu time | wait time | combined

	foo        | 5 | 1 | 6

	bar        | 1 | 6 | 6

	asdf       | 4 | 4 | 8


But its certainly very good already - thank you for the hint!

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