vtune on a virtual machine

vtune on a virtual machine



I am running a virtual machine, the guset and host OS are ubuntu 12.04, 3.11.0-17-generic. I am running vtune within a VM, I was able to

run the basic hotspots test. But when I tried core2-memory-access, I get the following error:

amplxe: Error: PMU resources are not available. Hardware Event-based Sampling is not supported on this operating system. PMU resources may be made unavailable either by the BIOS or Hypervisor.

How do I get past this?






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Hi Dhanesh:

You don't!  Check out the release notes, check out other forum posts.  Hardware data collection is limited to true systems because the virtual machine does not expose the performance hardware registers.  There is one exception, VMware* added support to their Fusion* 5 offering.

Therefore, all advanced analysis types will fail.  Only software-based sampling will work on VMs, e.g., Basic Hotspots, Concurrency, and Locks and Waits.

Sorry :(

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