no call stack information

no call stack information

Hello I  am running a MPI application which is a hybrid i.e having 2 ranks on mic0 and mic1 each and 3 ranks on xeon 

I am trying to run vtune analyzes  for the ranks on mic. I do this by using VTUNE GUI from the host and select launch application and run a script which has a mpirun for all the 5 ransks in it

I am facing some problems:-

In the type of analysis i go in Knights Corner Platform and ..

problem 1: When i write 2 in "List of Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor cards:" option i get an error that one of my mic card is offline ( i performed miccrtl --status it shows both online)

problem 2: If i write 1 in the "List of Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor cards:" option  the collection runs and collects the analysis result but i do not get any function names, i get no "No call stack information"

(during compilation i put -mmic -g  options)

thank you for the help in advance

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Call stacks are not supported on MIC at this time.  For example, see this note in the documentation:


The Collect stacks option is not available for Advanced Hotspots analysis on Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor (code name: Knights Corner).

Or, do you mean you don't see *any* function names at all in the data?

hi Mr Anderson,

I have attached the information for bandwidth report,

I dont see any of user defined function names, but i do see the library functions

also I am not able to run the analysis if  write 2 in "List of Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor cards:" option




Downloadimage/png bw_anal_MIC.PNG267.19 KB

okay, yes.  you won't see any call stack information - it's not supported on MIC today.

Also, you aren't seeing any symbols for any system modules (e.g., vmlinux).  That's what the square brackets mean about the module name, which is expected since all system modules are usually stripped of symbols.

So, what happens if you change the Grouping to Module / Function / Call stack and expand your module?

I get  same results (attached a snapshot) as for system  module


Downloadimage/png mod_fun_cl.PNG181.79 KB

therefore, your symbols are missing for your module, as well.  Do you have the VTune Amplifier XE search directories set up to locate the binary and symbol file for your module?

that helped! now i can see the function name for my module.

but a part of my problem still remains unsolved: I am not able to run analysis for 2 MIC cards, 

thanks Mr Anderson

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Did you "Specify a comma-separated list of Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor cards?"

Zero (0) is the first one, one (1) is the second.

Thanks! i was writing 2 for two cards, got it writing 0,1 resolved it 

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