Missing source file information on Xeon Phi of C++ version of matrix example

Missing source file information on Xeon Phi of C++ version of matrix example

I'm trying to use C++ to generate different versions of gemm based on the samples included in amplifier. All I've done is to make one of the multiplication function to be a template function and use it with a basic matrix class. If I compile the code on the host, amplifier clearly shows the source file, a header file, and the line and corresponding assembly code. But, I cannot do the same when I compile the code using the native mode. The columns for module/function/source file are empty. Here are the compilation and I'm doing the simple hotspot analysis. CPU: icpc -g -restrict -O3 -fopenmp -I. -o matrix.xeon matrix.cpp MIC: icpc -mmic  -g -restrict -O3 -fopenmp -I. -o matrix.mic matrix.cpp Compiler version 14.0.2 20140120 There is no problem running c code using the Makefile in matrix_vtune_amp_xe.tgz. First, I blame cmake but I must be doing something basic incorrectly. Thank you in advance, Jeongnim

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Regarding that this is performance tool's forum, I suppose that you might submit this issue onto the forum of Intel® C++ Compiler 

Vtune analyzer for mic has no default search path.  Binary and source search paths are set separately on properties menu.

Tim is right. If you can't find symbol info after data collecting with native binary on MIC, please use below example in command line: 

amplxe-cl -collect -knc-hotspots --search-dir all:rpm=$dir -- ssh mic0 /root/app, 


amplxe-cl -collect -knc-hotspots -- ssh mic0 /root/app , THEN

amplxe-cl -finalize --search-dir all:rpm=$dir -result r001??


Thank you for the suggestions.
It appears that the compiler option "-debug inline-debug-info" is needed to get the source/assembly information as well as setting the paths properly.
I will check with the compilers guides.


By the way: if you also need kernel module vmlinux symbols to be resolved you need to add the path to kernel module with symbols on host to VTune search directories. Usually it resides in /opt/mpss/_YOUR_MPSS_VERSION_/sysroots/k1om-mpss-linux/boot/. So the command line will look like:
amplxe-cl -collect knc-hotspots --search-dir=/opt/mpss/3.2/sysroots/k1om-mpss-linux/boot/ --search-dir=_my_app_dir_on_host_ -- ssh mic0 _my_app_on_target_

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