Using Pin tool to find the bit widths of variables

Using Pin tool to find the bit widths of variables

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Please excuse me if this question is not relavent to this forum (I could not able to find a dedicated forum for pin tools)

I am new to pin tools and I am trying to instrument binaries in order to find the maximum bit widths of the variables used in the program. Can anyone suggest any idea to get started with this work. Thanks in advance.


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What is Pin tool?

Actually I only know "pin.exe" helper executable which VTune and Inspector spawns on Windows, and "pin.exe" then spawns monitored program to inspect/analyse.

@Kirshanthan S: Could you be please more specific? If you mean "pin.exe" as I described above, it is just a helper for Intel analysis (which you should not bother), so we are not able to understand your question, I am sorry.


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