Vtune - CPU SPEC2006

Vtune - CPU SPEC2006


I run SPECCPU2006 for both INT and FP programs with the following command:

 runspec --config=mytest.cfg int -I 

 runspec --config=mytest.cfg fp -I


Now I want to use vtuneee for analyze each executable.

But when I select an executable and run the option "General exploration", keep running the analysis for more than 3 hours.

Would I need to select any input parameter when I analyze my executable?

And where would place the default input parameters I use SPEC?

Thank you so much.

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Hi Danny:

Can you clarify a couple of things?

"elect an executable and run the option General exploration" - are you specifying a "target type" of "Launch Application" in GUI or are you specifying it on the command line after "--"?  Can you show us how you are configuring it?

"keep running the analysis for more than 3 hours" - are you saying the application, "runspec" continues to run or does it complete and VTune Amplifier goes into the "finalization" stage and continues running for 3 hours?

Also, what OS are you on and what processor?



Sorry for my english. I speak spanish and my english is basic.


I try again explain you again and in more detail what I try to do.


1) I run SPEC CPU2006, I used commands:


runspec --config=mytest.cfg int -I 

runspec --config=mytest.cfg fp -I 


2) Now I want to use Vtune for analyze the results how:


- CPU2006 Instruction profile (load, store, branch, other)

- Static code size

- Runtime

- L1 D cache miss

- L2 cache miss

- Branch miss


   I do something similar to this paper from page 5 (http://www.ece.lsu.edu/lpeng/papers/isast08.pdf)


3) I already have the executables generated by SPEC, but i dont know exactly like using VTune and get those results.


4) Here is a ScreenShot that vTune in my pc.



5) my pc has the following characteristics


root@dlachosper:~# cat /proc/cpuinfo

processor : 0

vendor_id : GenuineIntel

cpu family : 6

model : 15

model name : Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU          6400  @ 2.13GHz

stepping : 6

microcode : 0x44

cpu MHz : 1867.000

cache size : 2048 KB

physical id : 0

siblings : 2

core id : 0

cpu cores : 2

apicid : 0

initial apicid : 0

fpu : yes

fpu_exception : yes

cpuid level : 10

wp : yes

bogomips : 4255.77

clflush size : 64

cache_alignment : 64

address sizes : 36 bits physical, 48 bits virtual

power management:

Thank you


Yes, so you should specify "runspec" as the Application and "--config=mytest.cfg int -I " as the Application parameters.

Also, instead of General Exploration, on the Core(TM)2 processor you *can* create a custom analysis type and just collect the events of interest, e.g., L1D cache miss.  See the help for "Custom Analysis - New Hardware Event-based Sampling Analysis" for details.

BTW, how long does the app usually run (outside of VTune Amplifier)?  Make sure you set the "Duration time estimate" in the project properties appropriately.


usually when I profile SPEC programs I do not create a project using the runspec program. Note that "runspec" is just an utility to help you start/stop benchmarks. Instead I create VTune projects referencing directly the benchmark executables.

Roughly speaking the steps are:

1) Build the benchmark using the runspec utility. runspect --action=built... bench1

2) Check the executable path and its input parameters listed at the end of the file bench1/run/run_.../speccmds.cmd

3) Create a VTune project using the infos obtained in step 2.


okay, but I don't see any "parameters" in the VTune Amplifier configuration dialog.  Please tell me what you are entering for Application and Application parameters.

Also, as I said, please review the product documentation for information about configuring a Custom Analysis, or use General Exploration and then switch the Viewpoint to Hardware Event Counts to examine the individual events.

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