I don't have "L2 bound" in General Exploration (after "show all columns")

I don't have "L2 bound" in General Exploration (after "show all columns")

Title says it all really- I have just installed VTune on a new build PC. Did my first profiling and noticed something odd. In General Exploration, Bottom-up (or Top-down tree) under "Memory Bound" I usually have "L1 Bound", "L2 Bound", "L3 Bound", "DRAM Bound" and "Store Bound". However, on this particular VTune installation there is no "L2 Bound"???

I right-clicked and selected "Show all columns" but "L2 Bound" does not appear??? Please help as I am measuring cache performance.

I am using VS2012, Win 7 64, I have the latest VTune as I used the Software Manager and my processor is an i7 4820K but its overclocked to 4.6GHz. I had no problems with this hardware on the previous OS installed- with all the same software.

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Forgot to say, I have just opened a previous VTune result (created on the same hardware but previous OS) and I cannot see "L2 Bound" in those results either- so something in this VTune configuration is deciding to not display "L2 Bound"!

Guys this has been removed in Update 16! Why have you removed "L2 Bound" from Update 16??? This is absurd- I really hope this is a bug.

I am going to re-install my downloaded version and hope that it is version 15, or possibly 14.

Can somebody from Intel please tell me this is a bug and there will be a fix shortly?


Try to do the following:

Expand "Back-end Bound" column pressing ">>" sign at the top-right of the column header. So you will see "Back-end Bound/Memory Bound/L1 Bound" column hirarchy.

Do "Show All Columns" from context menu.

Then L2 Bound and other columns under "Memory Bound" should show up.

Thanks & Regards, Dmitry

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