[Instrumentation Engine]:Failed to allocate Injector, Error = INJECTOR_ERR_FAILED_TO_CREATE_REMOTE_THREAD

[Instrumentation Engine]:Failed to allocate Injector, Error = INJECTOR_ERR_FAILED_TO_CREATE_REMOTE_THREAD

I'm trying to use a trial version of VTune Amplifier XE 2013 to profile my server application. Then I got this collection log:

[Instrumentation Engine]:Failed to allocate Injector, Error = INJECTOR_ERR_FAILED_TO_CREATE_REMOTE_THREAD

the related information as below,

target application: MFC app, 32-bit

OS:windows server 2008

target type: Attach to Process

Would you please help me on this? Thank you!

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It seemed that you wanted to profile target application, but permission was denied. 

Note: you should use same privilege of target application to profile. For example, if your SQL sever application was launched by SQL user, please rerun it by using admin user, then you can profile with admin user, too. 

@Peter Wang, Thank you for your reply.

I already used Administrator for both.

And I've created another simple 32-bit program, which works well with VTune.

Any other suggestions?

I don't know if you used user-mode profiler to attach a running windows service application. If it is the case, please read this article. If you used event-based sampling, with same user accounts for both. It should work.

You can read another article to try another workaround.  

It seems that CreatRemoteThread function failed by returning null HANDLE.The reason for the failure is obtained by call to GetLastError. As Peter hints it could be a permission issue when VTune thread cannot inject code into address space of monitored process.

Thank you:) I've tried both methods and got stuck:(

Peter Wang (Intel), when I did this: 

5. Start VTune Amplifier XE GUI (from command line):

> psexec -i 0 amplxe-gui.exe

a connection was trying to be established between PsExec service and my machine. However, our server machines are protected by company security policy, which blocks the network of server machines. So I'm stuck at this step.

@iliyapolak, at this step:

In the User Accounts tasks window, click Turn User Account Control on or off.

I couldn't find the "Turn User Account Control on or off"...


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