Vtune - branch misprediction rate

Vtune - branch misprediction rate


ran the SPEC CPU2006 programs generated in VTune in two PCs: 

Intel Core i5-3330 (4x 3 GHz) and Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 (2 x 2.13 GHz)

For most programs, the Miss Branch Prediction is less in the case of I5 (Which is correct), but for the 3 programs: 

                           I5                  2 Duo

437.    leslie3d    0.66                0.20
465.    tonto        1.13                0.88
481.    wrf            0.89               0.66

is the opposite, I do not understand in the case of these three programs, what is happening?

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Can you post VTune profiling screenshot?

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