Intel Vtune failed to load data with error "invalid string (97)"

Intel Vtune failed to load data with error "invalid string (97)"

Hi ,

I used following command to do profiling in linux server 6.2,but got errors:

[root@slcai851 vtune]# /opt/intel/vtune_amplifier_xe_2013/bin64/amplxe-cl -collect advanced-hotspots --duration 180
amplxe: Collection started. To stop the collection, either press CTRL-C or enter from another console window: amplxe-cl -r /scratch/Gavin/vtune/r002ah -command stop.
amplxe: Collection detached.
amplxe: Using result path `/scratch/Gavin/vtune/r002ah'
amplxe: Executing actions 14 % Loading data files
amplxe: Warning: Cannot load data file `/scratch/Gavin/vtune/r002ah/data.0/tbs993956675.tb6' (tbrw call "TBRW_dobind(tbrwFile->getHandle(), streamIndex)" failed: invalid string (97)).
amplxe: Executing actions 34 % Precomputing frequently used data
amplxe: Warning: Cannot find data to precompute. Skipping the precomputation step.
amplxe: Executing actions 50 % Generating a report

Collection and Platform Info
Parameter                 r002ah
------------------------  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Application Command Line
Operating System          2.6.39-100.5.1.el6uek.x86_64 Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.2 (Santiago)
Computer Name             slcai851
Result Size               107972191
Collection start time     03:05:14 18/06/2014 UTC
Collection stop time      03:08:14 18/06/2014 UTC

Parameter          r002ah
-----------------  -----------------------------
Name               Intel(R) Xeon(R) E5 processor
Logical CPU Count  32

Elapsed Time:  0.000
amplxe: Executing actions 100 % done


The result size is only 107972191 bytes,I don't think it is related to huge data set and the same command works in a windows platform.


I will appreciate your response.

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I am not authorized to access,so I am attaching the result directory zip file and bug report here.




Downloadapplication/octet-stream r002ah.tar.gz7.87 MB
Downloadapplication/zip report_0.zip377.1 KB

You are writing your results to /scratch/Gavin/vtune/r002ah.  Anything special about that file system?

Also, did you source the file before invoking amplxe-cl?  The script sets up the environment and should always be done prior to invoking amplxe-cl or amplxe-gui.

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