amplxe-gui/cl doesn't start

amplxe-gui/cl doesn't start

I've installed the non-commercial Intel System Studio, on a  Ubuntu 10.10.
after the installation, I tried to start vtune:
%cd /opt/intel/system_studio_2014.1.033/vtune_amplifier_2014_for_systems/

Nothing happens. The app doesn't start, and the command line doesn't return

The same happens when i try:
%./amplxe-cl --version


Any ideas?


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Just in case let me specify: we have amplxe-cl and amplxe-gui in <vtune_amplifier_2014_for_systems>/bin64 and <vtune_amplifier_2014_for_systems>/bin32. Please be sure that you invoke them from the first directory for 64-bit system and from the second for 32-bit one. 

Also - do you see any error messages?

Thanks & Regards, Dmitry

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